A/N Dear Anonymous

Well, look at that. You got a full picture response, which I’m sure is what you wanted, because there is a link to my personal blog right on the asktheariesen main page that you could have sent this hate to instead otherwise.

There are other questions left waiting in my inbox. I chose to do this one now primarily because it would be a simple answer and also because I wanted to draw an angry Equius. Realize, though, that in lieu of doing this that I have put off answering other people’s questions, questions for which they are waiting quite patiently for a response.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re angry at, exactly. And I’m not going to explain or excuse my motives or meaning behind the last answer that so obviously bothered you enough to send this because, frankly, even if you were right about whatever you were offended by, that still doesn’t give you any right to go about throwing this bullshit into people’s inboxes.

If you’re really so anxious to avoid my art, you might blacklist “asktheariesen” for your convenience. I’m hoping this post finds you in better spirits than you were when you sent this hate because you might just have been in a terrible mood, and you are terribly lucky I am not very bothered by it.

Nevertheless, further hate will be used to ball up Damara’s old chewing gum for the trash bin.

Happy Mother’s Day to all. uvu

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